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Nutrition Society of India

The Nutrition Society of India (NSI) is a 53 year old not-for-profit professional body that is dedicated to promotion of nutrition science and public health. Established in 1967, NSI is an association of nutrition professionals, researches, public health practitioners, academics, programme implementers, policy makers and students from India and abroad. The society is dedicated to disseminate the results of the latest research in nutrition – basic and applied aspects; analyse the current status of nutrition programmes in the country and recommend appropriate strategies to promote nutrition of the community at large. The NSI, through its annual meetings provides a forum for young scientists to present their research findings. NSI is the recognized Indian representative of the International Union Nutritional Sciences (IUNS), through the adhering body, Indian National Science Academy (INSA), and Federation of Asian Nutrition Societies (FANS). NSI today has about 5200 life members and over 1000 student and ordinary members across 22 active chapters spread through the length and breadth of the country. The current president of NSI is also the Executive Member of FANS.

NSI headquarters is located at the heart of the City of Hyderabad (also known as the city of pearls). The majestic people often described as soft-spoken by the outsider, welcome all with open arms and keep your hospitality warm and simple. The city is the hub of entertainment, with good food, amazing music and a great company of fun-loving people. The city represents the culture of the country with diverse people across the country living in harmony and is a place of paradise that one should not miss. The world famous “Hyderabadi Biryani” that is blended with rich spices, fills the taste to one's heart and reflects what we love about our city. There are various travel destinations in the old and new city, with minars, palaces and modern landscapes of the new city. The reader can visit these places in the link described below. The venue of the conference is a place of rich flora that keeps your morning and evening walks pleasant and enjoyable with a metro train standing by, for you to travel places far far away.